We help you improve your fleet safety and make state-of-the-art technology available to everyone.

What is 4Pilots?

We are start up based in Germany that develops efficient driver monitoring software on low-cost hardware. Our company has the goal to reduce traffic accidents and help to understand how driver behaviour influences accidents.

Knowing your fleet performance saves you money and time

User identity authentication

Secures that the vehicle is driven by certified drivers.


Alerts when sleepiness, drowsiness or yawing is detected.

Drunk detection

Detects drunk drivers and alerts the fleet manager

Distraction detection

Following eye-gaze and  head-pose to identify distraction like cellphone usage

Emotion detection

Scans facial features for predicting driver’s mood and emotional state

Driving tips

Evidence based e-Training to make your drivers the best

Drunk driving

Every 2 Minutes someone dies in an alcohol-related car accident.

When we read those numbers it is easy to forget that behind all the statistics are real people with family and friends. Driving under the influence is still a common thing and the risk that come with it are always underestimated. For some drivers, the biggest risk is to get caught and they forget about what happens if they injure or even kill someone. If your BAC is higher than 0.15, the risk for an accident goes up 200 times. Every single accident that happens because of a drunk driver is preventable.

Right now detecting drunk drivers is a non-trivial problem, with most solutions requiring contact with a sensor, or blowing into the breathalyzer. These solutions pose hygiene issues and are prone to be cheated. Our computer vision-based solution is innovative and contactless; requiring no active involvement of the driver and no susceptibility to being cheated. At the beginning of each drive, the system checks if the drivers are sober and ready to handle the vehicle. We are making sure that drunk people don’t start their vehicles and don’t put them and others in danger.

We make traffic safer

Every year more than 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents and 95% of these accidents happen because of human mistakes. With no fully autonomous vehicles in the near future it is important to act now and develop a technology that helps save thousands of lives. Driver monitoring systems help the driver to regain focus and control in risk situations and give the chance to train drivers to become safer. State of the art algorithms combined with cameras give us the opportunity to support the driver in the most efficient way possible. With the smart co-driver from 4Pilots risky behaviour like drunkenness, falling asleep, using your phone, rage driving and much more is detected.

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