Startuplab @EAH Jena

On the 30th of June we finished our 6 Months REAHLIZE funding period at the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena. The EAH Jena offered us funding and mentoring

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Emotional Driving

Emotions can impair cognition and decision making skills. Stress can cause us to become very upset, sleep poorly, and eat unhealthily. While driving it can

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Safety Features

Applied AI System (AIS) is full of safety feautres that help protect drivers, passangers, road-users and pedestrians.

User identity authentication

Secures that the vehicle is driven by certified drivers.


Alerts when sleepiness, drowsiness or yawing is detected.

Drunk detection

Detects drunk drivers and alerts the fleet manager

Distraction detection

Following eye-gaze and  head-pose to identify distraction like cellphone usage

Emotion detection

Scans facial features for predicting driver’s mood and emotional state

Driving tips

Driving tips based on individualised driving data