Internet of Behaviour

We combine the Internet of things with behavioural data to create the Internet of behaviour. The core of this technology is that data transferred to the internet is controlled by GDPR policies and further analyzed by smart algorithms.

We are always working with the privacy by design approach to make sure that not only our customers health but also their data is safe. The system only transfers data that creates health hazards to the driver such as intoxication, rage driving or drowsiness. We convert data into time stamps and risk values. That mean time stamp will take 4 byte of data and risk value is 2 byte of data which is transferred to Internet. Data will be accurately stored for stipulated time and deleted according to the needs of our customers. We demonstrate strong controls over the data we store to make sure it is secure.

Data is transferred to cloud server from edge as datagrams where data is transferred from time to time as pockets which are connected using a Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) which is a suitable transportation application due to unreliable networks and networks with low data rates.

Using AI to understand driver Behaviour

We are developing state-of-the-art technology by combining photonics with artificial intelligence. We use computer vision, deep learning and data augmentation to analyse driver for drunkenness, drowsiness, distraction and emotional stress in real-time. We do this by using in-cabin cameras to extract facial and body features of the driver and training machine learning models including conventional and convolutional neural networks for classification and prediction: