Drunk driving and loopholes in insurance claims

Germany has a per capita of 12.87 L of pure alcohol consumption in adults. Alcohol-related hazards in Germany are under-reported. Insurance companies retain the right to refuse payment on any insurance claim involving an accident on a German highway however there are loopholes in the system.

Alcohol level permissible in Germany

The amount of alcohol a driver can have in their system while driving differs depending on the situation. Similarly, the penalty also differs. In Germany, A driver who is caught with 1.1 mg/ml or higher commits a criminal offense and is taken to court. For young people, there are a different set of rules compared to adult driver rules. For young drivers such as those under the age of 21 and new drivers, those with their license for 2 years or under the level should have an alcohol limit of 0.0 mg per 100 ml of blood.

The penalty in Germany for drunk driving

Violating the 0% blood alcohol as a new driver can be fined 250 € but will not result in a driving ban. You will also receive one penalty point at the national driver’s register. Exceeding a blood alcohol level of 0.5 % can result in a 500 € fine and a 1-month driving ban as well as 2 penalty points at the driver’s register. The size of the fine, as well as the length of the driving ban, will increase up to 1500 € and 3 months if you are a repeat offender. Exceeding a blood alcohol level of 1.1 ‰ means that you may face more serious consequences because you leave the world of administrative offenses. You may be prosecuted for it which will usually lead to a fine based on your income (often settled beforehand without ever entering a courtroom) or under severe circumstances to a prison sentence of up to 1 year. You will also receive three penalty points in the national driver’s register and a significant driving ban. Its length will depend on the extent of the transgression.

Karlsruhe case study: A loophole in Insurance claims

The Federal Court of Karlsruhe in 2011 ruled on a case in which a 22-year-old man smashed his own car into a lamppost on the way home from a rock concert. More than an hour after the crash he was measured as having 0.27 percent alcohol in his blood, enabling his insurer to refuse to pay the €6,400 damage to his car. The Federal Court acknowledged that there may have been a point earlier in the evening when the driver should have made a decision about whether to continue drinking and then drive. Because this had not been considered in the previous hearings, the Federal Court referred the case back to the Higher Regional Court in Dresden.

One shop solution for drunk driving

At 4Pilots we are developing an imaging system that can detect alcohol. This is an easy integrable retrofit system for automobiles. Insurance companies can adopt this system and to discriminate if the driver is sober or intoxicated. Our technology provides the insurance company an opportunity to access the driver intoxication remotely. The current method of blood alcohol detection or breath alcohol detection needs a third person’s involvement also possesses the danger of exhaled air. Our method is non-invasive and insurance companies can detect real-time information on level alcohol in toxicity.

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