set up-Jena - Gründungs- und Innovationstag

Set up : Jena – Gründungs- und Innovationstag 2021

The Set up: Jena – Gründungs- und Innovationstag 2021, was a great event that helped us connect further with start-up space in Jena. Together with 4 other entrepreneurs we got the chance to film a Pitch-Video presenting our start-up.

Jena - a city full of innovation

Jena is a city of innovation, doesn’t mater if its in the field of medicine, life-science, culture or automotive. It is always great to see how many people come out to support our journey. The environment here in Jena has been supportive and the academic interest in entrepreneurship is growing continuously.

Thanks to for organizing this great event. We are more than happy to work with you in the future.

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